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ARhus Kids Library

Urbanize Studio - ARhus kennisdelingscentrum Roeselare

Furniture for the ARhus kids library floor

We developed custom furniture for ARhus, the city's knowledge and learning centre in the heart of Roeselare. 

The state-of-the-art 5 storey building was completed in 2014 by BURO II & ARCHI+I. The ARhus centre is not a run-of-the-mill library. It's an open knowledge centre, a place to learn, get inspired, create and meet.

ARhus deliberately waited with the final layout of "Babille", the kids floor. The first year they wanted to observe how kids and youngsters really employ the space. The furniture was created in close collaboration with young kids and parents from Roeselare. We took their input and feedback into account in every stage of the process.

The result? We interrupted the long and static pattern of rows of books to create see through spots where people can pass, hang, sit, and read in multiple ways. There is a stadium-like hangout circle to meet in groups, there are multifunctional workshop tables and a huge three-dimensional communication and presentation wall that encourages creating inspiring moodboards.

Client: ARhus
Collaboration: Boomin Sep
Type: Custom furniture
Location: Roeselare
Year: 2016

Urbanize Studio - ARhus kenningsdelingscentrum
Urbanize Studio - ARhus kennisdelingscentrum Roeselare